New Look? Coloured Contacts!

You want a different fresh look?! Imagine yourself with the stunning eyes of your favourite popstar or that gorgeous model from that glossy magazine. Coloured contacts are very fashionable, particularly when it comes to various special events. Currently, millions of individuals worldwide are enjoying special contact lenses. They can help people gain compliments from their friends and relatives.

You want those special and personality enhancing colour contacts, but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry it is a common problem. Many people have difficulty finding the right ones. Before you go and buy your colour contacts I will give you a few tips.

First of all there are two major types of coloured contacts – enhancement colour lenses and opaque lenses. Enhancement contacts are useful for people with light eyes only, and are fabricated to make your own colour brighter or give it a little different hue. Opaque lenses are made for a more dramatic change. Whether your eyes are light or dark, opaque lenses aren’t transparent, so they totally replace the natural colour of your eyes with the one of the lens.

Do you want a brighter eye colour, without scaring everyone that knows you differently?

  • For example, if you have light blue eyes, choose blue or aqua enhancement colour contacts. You can also go for Freshlook Radiance in Eden or Moonlight, which has an ‘illuminated’ effect on your eyes.
  • If your natural colour is gray or blue-gray, go for blue from Acuvue 2 Colours or Freshlook Dimensions, to get a beautiful ocean blue colour. If you feel more adventurous, try jade green. Green eyes are fairly rare, so you can make a statement with your new colour.
  • If your eyes are brown, none of the enhancement colour lenses would work for you. Try brown opaque contacts, which will give your colour more definition, or hazel, which would make them lighter. You can as well consider the lighter Freshlook Radiance Sunrise or the darker Autumn, to add glimmer to your eyes.

Do you want to go for something dramatically different from your natural colour?

  • Now you can use opaque colour lenses like Freshlook Colorblends, Illusions by Ciba Vision or the Acuvue 2 Colors opaques would be your best choice.
  • If you have dark eyes and dark hair, go for blue or amethyst colors, such as Amethyst or True Sapphire from the Freshlook Colorblends collection. Amethyst looks extremely sophisticated and daring, because this colour is rarely found in nature. You can also go for green colour contacts they would look especially good if your hair is red. For numerous people, green eyes are associated with creativity and sexiness.
  • If your eyes are naturally a gray or cool blue colour, try honey colour contacts. Honey eyes are associated with warmth, intelligence and trustworthiness. You can strengthen the warm effect by wearing warm colours.
  • Most people with dark skin generally have brown eyes, so by selecting  green or blue contacts you will attract a lot of attention.
  • To really go for extreme attention try for the wild assortment of, colours, styles and shapes. For example contacts that have a yellow background and cat like vertical black slit pupil.

To accentuate the change, wear a new outfit, alter in style and colour from the clothes you usually wear. In order to create a totally new image, change your hairstyle as well. Colour contacts can make a complete transformation possible or give you an fresh new stunning look. Have fun!